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SharpMinds Music Academy

Beginner Group Classes for Children

Yamaha Junior Music Course (JMC) 

  Designed for 4-5 years old

  • Two-year program (4 semesters,  Books 1-4)

  • Parents’ participation

  • Comprehensive music curriculum covering:

     ‣ Keyboard/Piano playing

     ‣ Ear training using solfege

     ‣ Singing and rhythm training

     ‣ Ensemble 

     ‣ Music notation and reading

     ‣ Creativity

     ‣ Music appreciation

  • Graduates from the JMC continue their music studies through the Yamaha extension programs.

Yamha Junior Music Course.jpg
Yamaha Junior Music Course
Yamaha Young Musc Course

Yamaha Young Musicians Course (YMC)


   A One-year keyboard program for children ages 6-9 years old

   • Subjects taught include:

        ‣ Piano/Keyboard skills   

        ‣ Ensemble   

        ‣ Keyboard harmony   

        ‣ Arranging

        ‣ Sight singing  and sight playing     

        ‣ Music theory

        ‣ Rhythm training

        ‣ Ear training (solfege)

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