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SharpMinds Music Academy

About Us

Located within the lush surroundings of Pinecrest Community Center, offers keyboard music lessons using the internationally-reputed Yamaha Music Education System. Founder and Director, Patricia Ooi Englehardt, Ph.D., aims to provide quality music education to all ages, nurture young minds, and promote a lifelong love and participation in music.


Since its beginnings in Tokyo 1954, the Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) has been established in 40 countries and produced over 6 million graduates. YMES now encompasses music programs for students of all age groups ranging from 3 years to adults.


The Yamaha Music Foundation of Japan, a nonprofit organization established in 1966, and the Music Education Division of Yamaha Corporation of America develop and distribute education-related materials to the network of authorized Yamaha music schools nationwide.


To maintain high music education standards:

  • Yamaha programs undergo continuing research and development

  • Yamaha teachers are required to be trained and certified

  •  Performing opportunities for students through concerts, recitals, and music education forums

  • Assessments through Yamaha Grade Examinations for international achievement certification for students and instructors


For more information about Yamaha's international and national music education activities, visit

The Yamaha Method

Yamaha’s philosophy is built on the belief that music education enriches lives, and the language of music knows no national boundaries. The keys to this internationally reputed music education system include:


𝄞 Timely Education

Using age-appropriate methods and materials is critical to an effective educational approach.

𝄞 Keyboard as a Learning Tool

The keyboard (piano) is an excellent learning tool for music students and allows for comprehensive music education.

𝄞 Ear Training

As in learning languages, the YMES emphasizes aural development so music learning is both natural and effective.

𝄞 Group Learning

Provides a natural setting for students, promoting team spirit and confidence, where students have opportunities to experience group music ensembles, and share musical ideas


The objective of the Yamaha System is to develop each student's comprehensive musical ability in a learning environment that nurtures a love for music and a lifetime of active music participation. Yamaha students develop their musical skills through a structured music education curriculum, taught by highly qualified, trained, and Yamaha-certified instructors.


Yamaha students and instructors are part of an international network of music makers, developing a new musical generation.

We make it easy for people to learn music

 The Yamaha Grade Examination System

The Grade Examination System Groups:

  • Students, and

  • Instructors.

The YGE provides assessment of the student’s progress made in music study, as well as evaluating the YMES instructors’ performance and musical knowledge. The Yamaha Grade Examination System offers Performance Grades for Piano, Electone (organ), Classical Guitar, Drums, and Fundamentals.

The Yamaha Grade Examination Categories:

  • Student Grades (10 - 6), and
  • Instructor Grades (5 - 3)


Apart from the grade examination, assessments are conducted for students completing the 2-year Yamaha Junior Music Course and for students in the Yamaha Young Musicians Course

The Examination Content for the Student Grades Covers:
  1. Repertoire

  2. Sight Playing

  3. Improvisation

  4. Hearing (Melody/Harmony)

For additional information, 

“Like all parents, we want the best for our kids. We chose SharpMinds Music Academy led by Dr. Englehardt. The SharpMinds curriculum provides students with the foundation of musicianship. As the students become more musically literate, they develop their piano skills, inner hearing, and singing. Instruction is nurturing and our kids look forward to the joyful class atmosphere. We highly recommend this path for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.”


J. Steven Moore, DMA

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Frost School of Music

University of Miami

"SharpMinds and Mrs. Englehardt do something extremely important extremely well: they combine the love for music — and the skills required to play the piano with sensibility and delicacy, both individually and in group — with a solid grounding on music theory and the resulting understanding of music that emerges! We are very fortunate and really grateful to have them in our daughters’ music education. The program provides a wonderful foundation for the study of music more broadly."


Otávio Bueno and Patricia Maragliano

Otávio Bueno

Professor and Chair

Cooper Senior Scholar in Arts and Sciences

Department of Philosophy

University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL 33124-4670, USA

“We have met too many adults who have taken years of piano lessons when they were younger and as soon as they could get away from their parents forcing them to practice they did so and never played again. This is why when we found the Sharp Minds Music Academy and learned their philosophy and approach to introducing and teaching children how to appreciate music we were convinced this is what we wanted for our 5 year-old daughter. 
After 3 years at the Academy we are extremely pleased with the results.  Her ability to be able to play piano, read sheet music and most of all enjoy doing it, is exactly what we were hoping for. The Yamaha method of mixing in singing, dancing with learning to read music has enriched our daughter now and has clearly started her on a life time path of enjoying to play piano and appreciating music. 
Of course the delivery of this method could not, and cannot, be done any better than by as caring and as highly skilled teacher and musician as Dr. Pat Englehardt. Her ability to captivate and keep 5 year-olds interested for an hour while they are joyfully learning music is a talent and expertise that those who are fortunate enough to have their children taught by her realize quickly.”


Ted and Fei 
Theodore J. Lampidis, Ph.D.
Miller School of Medicine
University of Miami

“My daughter Johanna has been in SharpMinds Music Academy since the tender age of 5!
We were very blessed then and now to have found ShaprMinds Music Academy and deciding to place my daughter in this outstanding music program!  Dr. Englehardt and her Team of Instructors are superlative teachers and human beings!  We are so fortunate to have them in our lives!
Our golden opportunity came and we grasped it when we joined this music program!  We are still reaping the benefits now years later and my daughter is still in the program thriving!  We are so thankful for being part of the SharpMinds Music Academy, where my daughter has polished her playing, hearing and composing skills.  Beyond honing her musical talents, what she has learned at SharpMinds has yielded excellent results in her character (surrounded by other musicians with similar interests to hers) and academic excellence!  
SharpMinds Music Academy brought Music into our hearts!  And our lives are impacted by their teaching philosophy to this day!”

Forever thankful,
Keyla Medina 
(Johanna’s Mom)

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