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SharpMinds Music Academy

Advanced Classes

Junior Extension Course (JXC)

The Yamaha Junior Extension Course continues to provide a well-rounded music education to our JMC graduates.

  • Ages: 6-7

  • Qualifications: Graduate of the Yamaha Junior Music Course

  • Course length: 2 years

  • Class schedule: One-hour class per week

  • Individual piano lesson is optional


The Curriculum:

  𝄞 Develops piano technique, music reading skills

  𝄞  Nurtures musical sensitivity and musical expression

  𝄞 Enable students to create and compose, encouraging musical creativity

  𝄞 Provides a fun and stimulating musical environment through group ensembles, and performing opportunities


JXC students are encouraged to participate in both the weekly group and an individual private lesson. While group lessons provide comprehensive music training, the individual lessons focus on the student’s piano technique, and enhance performance ability.


Annually, students are assessed through the Yamaha Grade Examination, and are also encouraged to participate in concerts, recitals, and masterclasses.


Upon Completion of the Course:

For Junior Extension Course (JXC) and Young Musician Course (YMC) graduates, the 2-year Junior Advanced Course (JAC) provides further development of student musicianship and performance skills through the study of advance level keyboard harmony, solfege training, improvisation, composition, ensemble, and music theory. The required individual piano lesson allows for the advancement of piano technique.


JAC students are eligible to take the Yamaha Grades 8 and 7 examination levels.

Junior Extension Course

Junior Special Advanced Course (JSAC)

Following the 2-year JMC, some graduates demonstrate a unique capacity for accelerated music learning.  This is assessed through the Fundamental Skills Survey (FSS). Students who are recommended for the JSAC would have demonstrated a high level of music proficiency in pitch and harmony recognition, and sense of rhythm. For these graduates, Yamaha’s Junior Special Advanced Course (JSAC) is offered as an opportunity to support accelerated music learning.   

A three-year program, the Junior Special Advanced Course (JSAC) is designed for students in an accelerated group learning curriculum that further develops their general musicianship skills, music composition, and piano technique through individual lessons that develop performing ability.  All JSAC students are required to attend both the group and individual classes weekly.


Upon Completion of the Course:

Once your child has completed the Junior Special Advanced Course, students continue their music suty in the Yamahe Senior Advance Course (SAC) where they pursue their final student grade 6 examination.


As the children develop more advanced musical skills, they are also encouraged to express themselves by performing and composing their own music through programs like Junior Original Concert.

All in all, the unique combination of the comprehensive Yamaha group class curriculum with the high level of individual attention in the private lesson, provides a truly incomparable music education experience. Some graduates of this program have successfully passed the Yamaha Higher Grade examination in both Performance and Fundamentals.

Junior Special Advanced Course
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